Aug 10, 2022

President urged to expedite social media regulation! Featured

Military top brass have reportedly urged President Ranil Wickremesinghe to expedite social media regulation laws, the 'Aruna' newspaper reports.

The request was made when the National Security Council met yesterday (09). The meeting, chaired by the President, was attended by the secretary of the Defence ministry, Tri Force commanders and the Inspector General of Police.

Noting that social media behaviour directly affects national security, the President was urged to expedite social media regulation laws as well as to amend 04 other Acts and Bills.

The security chiefs have said that although they have continuously urged the Justice Ministry to amend these Acts, it had not been done so. They have also pointed out how the activists have used social media to destroy government property due to the non-enforcement of these laws.

These 04 Acts and Bills are : the Land Act, the Immigration and Emigration Act, the Non-Governmental Organizations Act and the Anti Conversion Bill.

'Aruna' also reports that it was decided at the meeting to task the Justice Ministry with these legal reforms.

(Source: Aruna)