May 10, 2017

Meeting next will be a reshuffled cabinet! Featured

When the cabinet meets next week, it will be a reshuffled one, cabinet office sources say.

It is normal to announce, when ministers end a meeting, the date and time of their next meeting.

However, that did not happen when they met yesterday (09), an indication of a cabinet reshuffle within days.

Internal trouble in the UNP has been delaying a reshuffling of the cabinet that had been expected for several months now.

Sirikotha sources say a powerful minister has been threatening the prime minister that in the event he is stripped of his portfolio, he would become a back-bencher in parliament and expose everything relating to the Central Bank bond sale scam.

UNP’s internal trouble is now over

Now, agreement has been reached with regard to the contentious finance minister position.

In the meantime, the president has told a UNP minister, a close friend of the PM, that he would not attend cabinet meetings if he continued to disagree for a cabinet reshuffle.

A spokesman for the president’s office told Sri Lanka Mirror that the president has assured that the SLFP would not take over any of the ministries now with the UNP.