May 07, 2022

Nimal Perera warns Sunday Times, Wijaya Directors! Featured

Sudath Perera Associates, Nimal Perera's law firm, has notified Vijaya Newspapers, its board of directors, and the Deputy Editor  (investigations) of The Sunday Times Namini Wijedasa, that it will take legal action without further notice or warning if it continues to make careless and malicious statements that violate their client's legal rights.

It further states that Nimal Perera has not been charged by the police or the courts regarding the contents published by the media.

The warning by Nimal Perera's Law firm also states that under the law no media organization or media institution has the right, to obstruct or interfere with the witnesses of the police investigations or make suggestions that could influence such investigations.

The letter sent by Sudath Perera Associates is as follows.Nimal 1

Cease and Desist 1

Cease and Desist 2

Cease and Desist 3

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