Apr 26, 2017

Complaint to president against Customs clearance division head Featured

The president’s office has received complaints that the cargo clearance division of the Customs is intentionally delaying its services to the public.

The complaints have accused division head K.H.U.J. Keerthi as being the main guilty party.

Meanwhile, T.C. Namichandra of Kelaniya has lodged a written complaint with the director general of Customs about a delay that made him pay more than Rs. one million as warehouse charges.

He had made a request to the clearance division to clear the goods he had imported from Singapore, which contained in four containers, but was told to wait until the division head was back from a foreign trip.

After the division head returned, Namichandra had met him and given a statement, but the goods are yet to be released.

(Given below is the letter sent by namichandra to the Customs DG)

An investigation by Sri Lanka Mirror indicates that the delay in clearing the goods is due to an ulterior motive to obtain bribes.

Noting that the three children of clearance division head undergo higher education in England, Customs employees question as to how he could afford such expenditure.