Jan 16, 2022

Scholarship tuition, seminars banned from the day after tomorrow!

The Department of Examinations has announced that a number of activities such as tuition classes, lectures and seminars related to the Grade 5 scholarship examination will be banned from midnight the day after tomorrow (18).

Commissioner General of Examinations, L.M.D. Dharmasena stated that it is strictly forbidden to conduct tuition classes, conduct other classes, conduct lectures, seminars and workshops for candidates until the end of the examination.

The printing and distribution of mock question papers for the examination is also prohibited.

The Grade Five scholarship examination is scheduled to be held on January 22nd.

Meanwhile, activities including tuition classes, lectures and seminars related to the GCE Advanced Level examination to be held from February 07 to March 05 will also be banned from midnight on February 01, the Examinations Department said.

It is also prohibited to post notices, banners, leaflets etc in electronic or print media promising questions similar to those likely to appear in the examination papers.  

If a person, institution or other party disregards those orders, they will be found guilty by the Department of Examinations. 

If such illegal activities are observed, the Department of Examinations requests the public to report them to 0112421111 (Police Headquarters), 119 (Police Emergency Call Number), 1911 (Examinations Department Hotline), 0112785211 or 0112785212 (Office of the Commissioner General of Examinations) and 0112784208 or 0112784537 (School Examination Organizations and Results Branch).