Apr 11, 2017

Sri Lanka implements tourism strategic plan

Sri Lanka is set to implement a tourism strategic plan for the period of 2017 -2020 as the country is experiencing new record visitor numbers and tourist arrival targets until 2020 are ambitious.

The government has taken decision to appoint a task force comprising private sector representatives and sate officials of relevant agencies to proceed with the plan.

Singaporean Company, Surbana Jurong, which was engaged in developing a new Megapolis plan for Colombo has expressed its interest in Iranawila and Akurala tourism zones to promote tourism in Sri Lanka, an official of the company said.

The strategic plan of Sri Lanka Tourism strives for 1.5 million visitors in total (130,000 from Germany) in 2014, 2.5 million in 2017 and 4 million in 2020. At the same time the tourism related employment is supposed to increase from 125,000 in 2010 to 500,000 by 2017, tourism based industry and services are to be expanded and the economic benefits of tourism shall be distributed to a larger cross section of the society, Minister John Amaratunge said.

Furthermore, another focus of the growth trend in the tourism sector will be the sustainable increase and modernization of accommodation all over the island.

Many international chains are building new hotels in Sri Lanka, among them Best Western, Hyatt, Marriott, Mövenpick, Sheraton and Shangri-La.

European Commission funded project called "Greening Sri Lanka Hotels is now underway – targeted at enhancing the environmental performance of Sri Lankan hotels through improvement of energy, water and waste management systems up to 20 percent in order to enhance the environmental performance and increase the market acceptance of Sri Lankan hotels through promoting them as low carbon foot print green hotels.