Apr 11, 2017

New constitution is essential - TNA Featured

TNA MP M.A. Sumanthiran has reiterated the need for a new constitution, in order to resolve the national question.

He has told BBC Sandeshaya that it was incorrect to say the continuation of the executive presidency would help minorities to win their rights.

Everyone seeks minorities’ support during elections, but at all other times, they work for the majority only, he observed.

The national question would not be resolved without a new constitution that had the consent of the Tamils too, Sumanthiran stressed.

Opinion poll finding

However, an opinion poll by the Centre for Policy Alternatives has found that 66.2 per cent of the public wanted the government to focus on burning issues, rather than a new constitution.

The priorities mentioned in the opinion poll by 2,000 people from across the country were cost of living, infrastructure development, economic growth, unemployment, supremacy of the law and elimination of corruption.

Responding to this finding, Sumanthiran said it was up to the leaders to create an interest among the Sinhalese on the need for a new constitution to end the 70 year old national issue.

The opportunity presently available under a government formed by the main two parties should not be lost, he stressed.

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