Apr 10, 2017

No priority for executive presidency’s abolition Featured

A majority of Sri Lankans believe that the abolition of the executive presidency should not be prioritized at present, BBC Sandeshaya reports quoting results of an opinion poll by the Centre for Policy Alternatives.

Results of the opinion poll that sought views of 2,000 people from across the country, including the north and the east, show 66.2 per cent wants the government to focus on more burning issues.


These issues include mainly reducing cost of living, followed by infrastructure development, economic growth, unemployment, supremacy of the law and elimination of corruption.

People of the south and Uva want salary increases for the workforce, while the Muslims call for the abolition of the executive presidency, the opinion poll results show.

New constitution?

Also, a majority is against a new constitution, and they say the existing one should be continued with certain amendments.

With 38.9 pc siding with the existing constitution, only 23.5 have called for a new constitution.

Asked if the constitutional amendments and ensuring justice over allegations of human rights violations during the war should happen at the same time, most have said they were unaware of it.

According to the CPA opinion poll, 40.4 pc of the people of the north want both to be dealt with at the same time.


Furthermore, 44 pc believe the present government was running the country better, but want it to do more, while 16.5 pc demand an immediate regime change.

Attempts by BBC Sandeshaya to obtain the views of the UNP and the SLFP with regard to this opinion poll were unsuccessful.

TNA MP M.A. Sumanthiran said the executive presidency should be abolished and a new constitution that resolves the national question should be introduced.