Apr 08, 2017

“Cabinet will be reshuffled” – President assures Featured

With the dawning of a new year, President Maithripala Sirisena had said he will take the country on a new journey eliminating all shortcomings and delays.

 In an interview with ‘Mawbima’ the President had said in order to create a stronger government that can forge ahead with commitment, there will be a Cabinet reshuffle. However he said, as this alone is insufficient to rectify certain allegations levelled against the government, further measures too would be taken in order to take the country on the right path.

He further stated that while the people had placed their faith in his and his government, it is still not too late to rectify certain wrongs before it is too late. According to the President, the country is starved of clean politics and vowed to add more youth participation to the party and take the SLFP on a righteous political journey.

“Now there is no point in blaming anyone. The past is unpleasant but nothing can be done except to deal with the wrongs and rectify them. The issues facing the country have to be resolved and I pledge to deliver on the promises made to the people of this country,” he said.

The President also assured that by the end of the year, the Local Government elections will be held definitely.