Nov 28, 2021

Yields & rural economy at risk of collapse - FUTA

The Federation of University Teachers' Associations (FUTA) says that there is a huge risk of a decline in Sri Lanka's agricultural output and a consequent collapse of the rural economy, as a result of the policy decision taken by the government without a proper scientific basis on agriculture.

This was stated by a statement issued by the Secretary of the Association Rohan Laksiri.

The statement said the gazette notification issued last May suspending the import of all agrochemicals without proper professional intervention or clear practical vision and the instantaneous 100% organic policy for Sri Lankan agriculture, led to the concerns of agronomists, farmers and civilians living in this country.

FUTA also said that it was "disgraceful" that some parties working closely with the authorities had engaged in the embezzlement of public funds through this organic approach.

The statement further read :

"We strongly urge the government to immediately stop the undue influence on the government officials and agronomists over their actions taken on the basis of scientific data, and to reconsider the government policy of instantly switching to organic fertilizer and to obtain qualified expert advice on the correct implementation of green / organic agriculture, obtaining the services of professionals

We urge the government to take action to provide the agrochemicals that are currently in short supply to farmers as a short term solution to this crisis. Finally, we emphasize that it is the responsibility of the government to protect public officials from internal and external threats. "

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