Apr 02, 2017

Risath Bathiudeen to resign! Featured

Risath Bathiudeen has decided to resign as minister of industries and commerce in protest against the gazette notification issued by president Maithripala Sirisena on March 24 declaring four reserves north of Wilpattu national park as a single forest reserve, reliable sources told Sri Lanka Mirror.

When the president visited no. 12, Sunetradevi Road, Kohuwela on March 28 to open a CWE outlet, Bathiudeen sought a meeting to discuss the matter, but that had not been given yet.

The minister has alleged grave injustice to the Muslims who are in displaced camps after suffering under the LTTE for years due to the gazette, and that they have been deceived further by the present regime.

Mujibur Rahman too, objects

Mujibur Rahman1UNP MP Mujibur Rahman too, has objected to the gazette signed by the president while on tour in Russia, declaring Mavillu, Veppal, Marichchikaddi-Karadikkuli, Vilattikulam and Periyamurippu as a single forest reserve.

Muslim civil organizations are also against the declaration, and demand its immediate withdrawal.

President misled?

In a statement, they say anti-Muslim forces have misled the president into believing that the Muslims expelled by the LTTE in 1990 were resettling in forest reserves, and note this as a violation of the resettlement right of these people.

Meanwhile, the president’s office says in a statement that Muslim villages would not be taken over by the gazette, adding that areas outside the land released for resettlement have been included in the new forest reserve.

It alleges a conspiracy to set the Muslims living at Moosalai south in Mannar against the president and the government that brought peace for them.

Muslims need not have any disillusionment or doubt, it says, assuring all assistance for the return to their villages, which it describes as an inalienable right.