Apr 01, 2017

Basil, Punchinilame secret pact – Intelligence units alert Featured

Public Administration and Management Deputy Minister Susantha Punchinilame is believed to have had several secret talks with former Minister Basil Rajapaksa with the aim of creating an anti-government group of state officials, it has been revealed.

Last Thursday (30) evening Basil Rajapaksa and Lakshman Hulugalle had visited the minister’s residence in Maharagama. It is believed that periodically several officials who have charges levelled against them in the CID and FCID have been brought to the minister’s residence and asked to join the anti-government movement.

However, several of these officials had notified Basil Rajapaksa that they were unwilling to join this movement.

No confidence:

They had stated that these officials had no faith in these ministers who had fled the country secretly after the election defeat and had not cared about their plight when they were facing numerous problems.

However, the intelligence units are on the alert regarding the activities of state sector officials.
These officials had taken measures to notify the President regarding these meetings.


Basil Rajapaksa had told these officials who are currently facing numerous charges related to crime and fraud, not to worry and assured them that the same mistakes will not happen again. He had also promised to take care of the issues they are facing.

Susantha Punchinilame is a very close friend of Basil Rajapaksa and at the past election, Punchinilame was the only SLFP member that he personally supported.