Oct 25, 2021

Impostor arrested for posing as CID Director Featured

A 47-year-old man was ordered to be remanded till November 02, when he was produced before court for posing as a CID Director and attempting to influence the Payagala OIC to release a suspect who was arrested for assaulting another over a personal dispute between two parties in the Wadugoda area in Payagala.

According to the Payagala OIC, a personal dispute had erupted between two parties in the Wadugoda area in the Payagala police division a few days ago.

The person who was assaulted had been admitted to hospital and the suspect who had inflicted the injuries had gone into hiding.

“This is CID Director Chandra Jayawardena and immediately release the suspect that you are trying to arrest over the assault incident in Payagala. If not you will have to face the consequences and may even be transferred. I am on my way to Hambantota to attend a conference and will be coming to the police station on my way back,” the person posing as the SID Director had told the Payagama Police OIC.

However, the OIC had told the caller, “Sir, can you please call me from your official phone.”With that the caller had hung up.

The OIC had then made an official note of the telephone call he received and launched an investigation.

Meanwhile, the suspect involved in the attack has been arrested and the assailants had been summoned to the police station and while the complaint was being investigated the OIC had called the number from which the bogus CID Director had called him. The phone belonging to one of the persons involved in the incident had rang and the police had taken action to immediately arrest him for impersonating the CID Director.The OIC said that upon further investigation it had been revealed that the impostor was the father of one of the suspects.

Accordingly, the Payagala Police had remanded the suspect who impersonated the CID Director till November 02 after producing him before the Kalutara Magistrate's Court.