Sep 28, 2021

CID complaint against Manusha, was by Retd. Major at SLT

A reminder has been issued to MP Manusha Nanayakkara by the Criminal Investigations Department Digital Audit OIC regarding a due response to an ongoing investigation on comments made regarding the missing data of the National Medicines Regulatory Authority last July.

The MP has been issued written notice to appear before the CID to give a statement on 30 September at 9.30 am.

This is due to a complaint filed by National Medicines Regulatory Authority chairman Dr. Rasitha Wijewantha and Sri Lanka Telecom Group Security Officer Retd. Major General Nirmal Dharmaratne.

The MP made the comments during a Press Conference held on 3 September and was previously summoned to the CID as well. However, the MP has not appeared before the CID, which led to the reminder issued to him, stating that not acting according to the notice is a punishable offense under the Penal Code.

The Retd. Major General who filed the complaint was appointed to the post two months ago, according to the Sri Lanka All Telecom Workers Association, adding that all administrative policies of Telecom have been violated by it.

In a letter addressed to the Telecom Group Chief Executive Officer and Chief Executive Officer on 1 September, the Association has pointed out an unnecessary burden has been placed on Telecom with this appointment, which was not in place even during the war.