Sep 22, 2021

Amaradeva forgotten: ashes still at Jayaratne Funeral Parlour

The Amaradeva Asapuwa at the Ape Gama premises in Battaramulla to commemorate the late maestro Pandit W.D. Amaradeva, at a cost of Rs. 200 Mn four is now abandoned.

His ashes, meant to be kept at a special location within the asapuwa, lies unclaimed at the Jayaratne funeral parlour for the past five years. The ashes of his wife, Wimala Amaradeva, too still remain at the funeral parlour, stating that it is meant to be kept alongside his at the Asapuwa.

Amaradeva had requested that an institute such as India’s Shanthiniketan be established here, to promote the study of music. Former president Maithreepala Sirisena pledged to establish it during Amaradeva’s funeral in November 2016. Construction commenced on a 120 perch land in Ape Gama in August 2017.

Amadarava Asapuwa would include a library, a museum, conference hall, sound studio and open air theatre. It was scheduled for opening in 2019 August but has been delayed due to the inefficiency of the construction company. 

Secretary to the Ministry of Buddhasasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs Prof. Kapila Goonewardena said that he hopes to complete the construction by the end of next year. He added that the assistance of the Navy and the Central Engineering Bureau will be sought towards this goal, as the construction company is unable to finish it within the budget allocated.