Sep 19, 2021

Consumer Authority DG decides to resign

Director General of the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) - Thushan Gunawardena has decided to resign from his post.
Speaking to 'Lankadeepa' newspaper, Mr. Gunawardena has said that he will be handing over his resignation next Tuesday to the minister of Co-operative Services, Marketing Development and Consumer Protection - Lasantha Alagiyawanna.
Mr. Gunawardena says that he is resigning because he is unable to do his duty independently, due to increasing political influence.
Noting that he is being constantly pressured over several incidents including the Garlic scam, Mr. Gunawardena says he is also being pressured to resign.
He has revealed that a number of consumer goods including sugar flour and Orid dhal have been smuggled and that the garlic imported by the CWE was sold to another company and before being bought back from Sathosa.
Mr. Gunawardena said that not only the arrested persons but also those in higher levels are involved. He added that the suspended officers will be reinstated after the public forgets about it over time.