Sep 18, 2021

DATASCAM – Offense under Public Property Act Featured

Ajith P. Perera, Sri Lanka’s Former Minister of Digital Infrastructure and Information Technology said #DataScam can be considered as an offense committed under the provisions of the Public Property Act.

He told News 1st that the real culprit behind the #DataScam, where files from the NMRA database in the Lanka Government Cloud mysteriously disappeared, needs to be traced and arrested.

“As this is an offense under the Public Property Act, bail will not be granted,” he said.

At the same time, opposition lawmaker Manusha Nanayakkara claimed there is serious concern as to whether the engineers who allegedly gave a ‘DELETE’ command by mistake leasing to the disappearance of the files, were influenced by an external force.

“Did a racketeer get to him?” said Nanayakkara noting that the #DataScam cannot be a ‘Mistake’.

Venerable Akmeemana Dayarathana Thero called on the authorities to expose the engineer responsible for the deletion of data.

‘Everyone responsible for the #DataScam must be held accountable,’ he said.