Sep 15, 2021

Curses ring out over fish ponds in Tissapura Raja Wewa Featured

Villagers in Ampara, Tissapura protested against the construction of fish ponds at the Raja Wewa, when State Minister Wimalaweera Dissanyake arrived at the location yesterday (14), to release freshwater fish into the ponds.

The villagers stated the Lake walls might be harmed, and that since it provides water supply for hundreds of acres of paddy fields the project should not go ahead. They yelled curses at the State Minister, and hooted at the group that arrived with the State Minister, who left in the face of the villagers’ protests. 
State Minister Wimalweera Dissanyake, responding to these accusations at Pottuvil Sea temple, yesterday (14) stated that he was attempting to provide a means of income for the villagers. 

He added that if anyone was opposing such a project, they are not humans but two-legged animals. 

Video courtesy - News First