Sep 14, 2021

Lohan makes 2 Tamils prisoners kneel, threatening to kill them!

Tamil National People's Front (TNPF) leader - MP Gajendra Kumar Ponnambalam has stated that State Minister of Prisons - Lohan Ratwatte has made two Tamil political prisoners kneel before him and threatened to shoot them on the spot.
"The TNPF can confirm that on the evening of the 12th of September the State Minister for Prisons has gone to the Anuradhapura prisons, summoned the Tamil political prisoners and had got two of them to kneel in front of him," MP Ponnambalam has said, in a series of Tweets.
The State Minister had then pointed his personal firearm at them and had threatened to kill them on the spot, MP Ponnambalam says, adding that the TNPF condemns this conduct of Ratwatte in the 'strongest possible terms'.
"The TNPF calls for the immediate resignation of the minister and for him to be stripped of all portfolios," he adds.
MP Ponnambalam's Twitter thread is shown below : 

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