Sep 13, 2021

Black fungus in Sri Lanka: one in serious condition  Featured

Several Black Fungus patients have been identified in Sri Lanka.

The Mawbima newspaper reports that doctors have warned that, though not directly linked to Covid-19, the prolonged use of face masks could lead to a prevalence of this condition around the island.

One patient is already receiving treatment for this condition at the National Hospital and his condition is somewhat critical due to suffering from a kidney disease. The Black Fungus has affected his inner nose and one eye. He has recovered from Covid-19 prior to this.

Several other patients too are receiving treatment for this condition, according to reports.

The Black Fungus was first reported from India, where several patients were found from several of its states.

It is said that it is caused due to wearing the same mask for a prolonged period of time and wearing unclean masks.

Reports say that of the patients identified here,  immuno-compromised patients with chronic diabetes and kidney transplants are among them.