Sep 12, 2021

JVP slams Premadasa's call for snap elections

JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake severely criticized opposition leader Sajith Premadasa’s call for snap elections.

If someone calls for snap elections when the entire society is facing such a calamity, they need to get their head checked, he said.

The JVP leader was answering questions raised by journalists at a media briefing today (12).

During such times, the responsibility of political parties and organisations should be pressing the government towards taking measures to curb this calamity, and not to present cheap slogans such as calls to hold elections.

It is true that the government has lost its popularity. However, when the government is going downhill, some opposition leaders think this is the time for them to take up the throne and they make different statements. Such statements are not those made in the best interests of the country, he added.

During an event yesterday, Mr. Premadasa had called for a snap election to let the people decide who is best to lead the country.