Sep 06, 2021

Sunshine Sudda’s fate decided by mistress? Featured

Three police teams have been appointed to investigate the murder of Amila Prasanna Hettihewa aka Sunshine Sudda, a drug dealer from Southern Province and a close associate of drug kingping  Makandura Madush.

The investigations are centred on whether Sunshine Sudda was assassinated due to his long standing feud with drag baron Harak Katta (in recent times, Sunshine Sudda has been a police informant on drug activities in the South conducted by Harak Katta) or whether it was due to an extra-marital affair. 

Even though police initially suspected Harak Katta to have masterminded Sunshine Sudda’s death (a similar attempt was made to kill him in March 2020), a statement made by his mistress, referring to a death threat received on her phone, sent by her husband, have taken the investigations on another path. 

A resident of Udupila Matara, he was  29 years at the time of death and a father of one child. Sunshine Sudda was gunned down on 3 August at Warakapitiya by a gunman who arrived on an unmarked motorcycle. He was found to be Covid-19 positive during his post-mortem and final rites conducted according to health regulations.