Sep 03, 2021

Army vs Doctors vaccination fight continues: doctors lodge complaint Featured

The Government Medical Officers Association have expressed their displeasure over the providing of Pfizer vaccines to the army without any scientific basis, in a letter of complaint sent to the Minister of Health.

GMOA secretary Dr. Samantha Ananda said that the Infectious Disease Unit is doling out Pfizer vaccines to the army without any form of control while the hospital and health services officers are only issued limited doses.

He went on to say parks and ad hoc places are not the ideal place for vaccinations and the most suitable location is within the hospital network, where it has been successfully conducted for a long time.

Sri Lanka’s health system can give out more than 500,000 vaccine doses per day and yet, due to the low supply to the vaccination centres, there is a backlog which would put the public in more danger, he warned.

He further stated that the demeaning of Sri Lanka’s health services sector through the vaccination drives is deplorable.