Jul 16, 2021

Ship captain among suspects who abused 15-yr old girl

A ship captain and assistant joined the long list of alleged perpetrators who are now accused of sexually exploiting the 15-year old girl who was sold over the Internet.
Among the alleged rapists are Buddhist monks, businessmen, politicians, doctors, police officers, navy officers _ a cross section of the society and now a ship captain too joined the team. 
The 15-year victim of sexual abuse has identified a Captain of a ship and a second officer attached t a leading private shipping company, at an identification parade held at a Magistrate court in Colombo.
The suspects are among the 41 arrested so far in connection with the raping the under-aged girl.
Following the parade, the officers from the Child and Women Protection Bureau informed the court that the investigations on the two suspects were complete.
The suspects were released on bail a cash bail of Rs 25,000 each and personal bail of Rs 2.5 million each.
The suspects have been warned not to interfere with the investigations.