Jun 18, 2021

No Information on dead turtles until litigation commences Featured

The Marine Environment Protection Authority has declined to share information regarding the dead marine species, saying the information would be released only after litigation over ship's fire commences.

MEPA chairperson Darshani Lahandapura said they were conductingautopsies and post-mortem analysis on the dead marine species, but declined to provide details until they use it for litigation.

“These are very sensitive information andwe are not in a position to share it. Once we use it for litigation, it will bea public document and you can use it,” she told the media on Thursday..On Thursday, “Hiru” television said at least 50 dead turtles have washed ashore since May 20.

But Anil Jasinghe, secretary of the environment ministry said the those species including turtles may have died due to the ship's fire."Provisionally, we can say thatthese turtles have died due to two reasons _ one is due to heat and secondlydue to chemicals.

But there could be other reasons and we are still conductinginvestigations,Apart from turtles, other marine speciessuch as several dolphins and small fish have washed ashore since May 20.