May 17, 2021

Mayor's note becomes 'priority pass' for Covid jab in Moratuwa Featured

The Covid-19 vaccination in the Moratuwa Municipal Council area held today (17) has given priority to those who had brought a note from the town mayor - Samanlal Fernando.
The vaccination programme was held in the area through the regional MoH offices. (Medical Officer of Health).
Two MoH divisions fall under the Moratuwa Municipal Council area, namely Moratuwa South and Egoda Uyana.
With the relevant MoH offices announcing that the vaccination programme would take place today, the Moratuwa Mayor had distributed notes containing his official seal, among supporters of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP). The notes had been distributed last night.
A tense situation had ensued after SLPP members with these notes had attempted to bypass the vaccination queue, while others who had been in the line since 4.00am had protested against the move.
In this backdrop, the health officials had stepped away from their work posts. 
Amid the chaos, the mayor had contacted the Divisional Health Director, pressuring him to make health officials at the vaccination centre resume their duties immediately.

Accordingly the Regional Health Director has then instructed the relevant officials to act on the instructions of the Mayor.

As a result, it is said that many people who are not SLPP members have been unable to get vaccinated today.

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