May 14, 2021

Police arrest airman who ran "Wife-Swapping" Facebook page

Police have arrested a person serving in the Air Force over operating a "Wife-Swapping" Facebook page and adding photos of women with obscene  comments on the particular page.
Police say a large number of photos of women have been added and displayed on this page along with obscene comments, according to a news report on Divaina newspaper.
Officers of the Crime Division of Kalutara had arrested the suspect following a special intelligence operation after a large number of complaints over this alleged incident.
The suspect has been identified as Ranga Nisorshana, a 25-year old resident of Baduraliya.
Police say he is serving as an airman of the Sri Lanka Air force and serves as an drone operator.
He was arrested over the charges of causing sexual harrasments by publishing photos of women with obscene words. Police have seized the mobile phones used by him to operate this scam.
He has been remanded till May 19.
(Source - Divaina newspaper)