May 14, 2021

Lalith Ambanwela no more

It is with great sorrow that we report the death of an exceptional public servant who paid a huge price for standing against corruption and malpractices.
Lalith Ambanwela a man of great principles and above all led his career as an extraordinary public servant throughout his more than three decades of public service.
His demise is a great loss to a country like Sri Lanka where people of his calibre are very very rare.
Ambanwela had to face a tragic incident more than 20 years ago.
He became the victim of an acid attack launched by a group of rogues who got angry over his firm and committed a decision to probe a Rs 120 million fraud at the Central Province Education Department.
The attack severely injured Ambanwela and he was even taken to India for treatment. But the attack disfigured his face and also had a severe impact on his eyesight too.
Despite that he chose to commit himself to fight against corruption and malpractices.
No doubt, he had to live a difficult life for choosing that path because this is a country of rogues and opportunists.
He rendered a great service to the country while working at the Auditor General's department, despite many difficulties and roadblocks.
May he never be born in this country.