May 05, 2021

Gamini Lokuge under fire over lifting lockdown in Piliyandala

Minister Gamini Lokuge is facing mounting criticism from many quarters over his alleged role in influencing the authorities to lift the lockdown in Piliyandala and Kesbewa areas, despite the warnings by health officials who urged not to do that.

Because of the rising number of COVID-19 patients in those areas, the Director General of Health Services declared them as high risk areas and ordered them to be isolated. However, just after 24 hours of being isolated, the these two areas were again freed from isolation.

Meanwhile, the health ministry said it will send a technical team on Wednesday to these two areas to asses the situation and report to the DG.

Piliyandala MOH Dr. Samanthika Wijesundara said the lifting of isolation in Piliyandala has been done without her consent and that she has stressed that the whole area needs to be isolated in order to contain the spreading of the virus.

The GMOA has also condemned this action, saying it is hampering the work of the health officials and that they would inform president on this unwanted move.
Local politicians are accusing that Minister Gamini Lokuge is responsible for this irresponsible move.

However, Lokuge says the decision to lift the isolation has been taken based on the intelligence reports.