Apr 08, 2021

Eggs hurled at MP Jagath Kumara

A group of Seethawaka Pradeshiya Sabha members have carried out an "eggs attack" on Chairman of the Padukka Development Committee and MP Jagath Kumara.

The attack took place following a meeting of the Development Committee, after an heated argument among Jagath Kumara and the PS members. Eggs have been hurled at the vehicle of Jagath Kumara as he left the premises after suspending the meeting.

The meeting was held under the patronage of Jagath Kumara and deputy Chairman Ravindra Jayasinghe at the auditorium of the Padukka Divisional Secretariat.

Jagath Kumara has been accused of ignoring other local politicians as well as the government servants.

Jagath Kumara has reportedly told the meeting that "I do it my own way" and these remarks have paved the way for the verbal battle.

PS members have begun hooting at Jagath Kumara and hurling eggs at the vehicle of Jagath Kumara who was escorted out with police protection.