Mar 07, 2021

Sanga's land grabbing story, a fake! Featured

A news report on a state-run newspaper citing that a world class cricketer has fraudulently obtained a state owned land in Dambulla, has been proven to be factually incorrect.

The 'Silumina' newspaper had reported that Kumar Sangakkara and his wife Yehali Sangakkara had fraudulently obtained a state owned land through the Dambulla Divisional Secretariat.

Upon making inquiries, Land Commissioner General - G.D. Keerthi Gamage said that the news is factually incorrect.

He also said to 'Sri Lanka Mirror' that the couple had sought to purchase a land in Dambulla. However, upon discovering forged details in the deeds handed over to them, they had immediately informed him in a letter.

The Lands Commissioner further said that the timely gesture of the couple was instrumental in uncovering the apparent fraud, and was much appreciated.

He also lauded Mr. Sangakkara for coming forward as an honest and responsible citizen to reveal this.

When asked whether an inquiry will be held over using a fake NIC, Mr. Gamage said that taking action over fraudulent documents was a task that fell under the Divisional Secretariat.

We have also received letters sent by Mr. and Mrs. Sangakkara to the Lands Commissioner as well as the latter's response, thanking the couple.

The letters are shown below :

Sanga 001Sanga 001Sanga 001