Feb 28, 2021

Guidelines on COVID-19 dead bodies prepared Featured

The draft of the guidelines on the cremation of bodies of those who died of COVID-19 has been prepared.

The draft has been prepared at the expert committee which met on Friday to discuss and prepare the guidelines over cremating the bodies of those who died of Corona.

Director General of Health Services Dr. Asela Gunawardena says he and two other members of the committee prepared the draft bill.

Dr. Gunawardena says the draft will be submitted to the National Committee on COVID-19, after reaching a conclusion on the place of cremation. After that the guidelines will be issued as a circular.

He said the permission to cremate bodies will be granted only after the circular is issued.

Until such times, if somebody wishes to cremate the body of a person who died of COVID-19, such bodies could be stored in cold rooms.

The government on Friday published a gazette, allowing bodies of those who died of COVID-19 to be cremated.

Daily Mirror understands that the relevant guidelines will be issued within a week.