Jan 21, 2021

First commercial flight lands in SL Featured

The first commercial flight following the reopening of Sri Lankan airports for commercial flights, landed at the Bandaranaike International Airport this morning (21).

Accordingly an Oman Air flight carrying 50 Sri Lankans from Muscat, landed at the BIA at 7.40 am

Meanwhile, the Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) (Private) Limited says at least 15 flights will land in Sri Lanka today.

Vice Chairman of the AASL Rajiv Sooriyaarachchi has said that several flight operators have also discussed with authorities to increase flight operations to the island and that they hope oday’s reopening will encourage other commercial operators to do the same.

However, The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) says global coronavirus trends must be considered when reopening the country’s airports for tourists.

Editor of the GMOA Dr. Haritha Aluthge said at a time when nations are closing borders, reopening domestic airports for tourists is concerning.

Dr. Aluthge stressed that although there are many plans for 2021, the success of such plans depends on the decisions reached today, warning that if decisions are reached only with reopening the country in mind, then Sri Lanka may face a dangerous situation in future.

The Dr. noted that while the country cannot remain closed forever, the situation in other countries must be considered, adding it would be dangerous for Sri Lankan to reopen its airport when many other airports across the globe remain closed.

Dr. Haritha Aluthge also noted that guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health must be strictly adhered to when reopening airports.

He also warned that if officials continue to take arbitrary decisions, the country may face an unfortunate state of affairs by mid February.