Dec 22, 2020

Govt. re-introduces conditional repatriation Featured

The government has decided to continue with the existing procedure of obtaining prior approval from the Foreign Ministry and the Civil Aviation Authority for all inbound travellers to Sri Lanka.

A media release by the Foreign Ministry says that the decision is taken in the wake of the discovery of a fast spreading new variant of coronavirus in certain countries.

The revised guidelines on repatriation will be issued once the situation has been reappraised, the media release adds.

It was only yesterday that the government revised the procedure for inbound travellers to Sri Lanka. The government claimed that Lankans or foreigners of Sri Lankan origin, dual citizenship holders will be allowed to travel on any commercial or non- repatriation flights to Sri Lanka without the approval of the Foreign Secretary or the Civil Aviation Authority subject to the limit of passengers per flight determined by the Civil Aviation Authority, based on concurrence or consultation of the Centre subject to compliance with paid quarantining at a designated hotel.

Foreign Ministry and the Civil Aviation Authority en