Feb 26, 2017

2 VIP sons run amok at luxury hotels

Separate incidents of two youths who are closely related to two government figures having run amok at luxury hotels in Colombo have been reported to Sri Lanka Mirror.

In one incident, the son of a brother of a ruling politician had assaulted and caused injury to a person identified as Abdul at Hotel Hilton around 1.00 am today (26).

The attacker, a 27-year-old by the name Tissa, was arrested by Colombo Fort police, but was immediately freed after a powerful minister intervened.

In the other incident, the son of a state minister attacked two girls at Clique night club at Maradana around 3.30 am today.

Both suffered injuries to their faces.

One of the girls is the daughter of a sister of a former popular female MP.

No police action has been taken so far with regard to the incident.