Nov 14, 2020

Covid-19 bodies are hazardous waste:disposal process in Environmental Act

Ranjith Vithanage, Chairman of the National Movement for Consumer Rights Protection,has requested the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) to dispose of thebodies of those who die of the Covid-19 virus in accordance with theEnvironmental Act as it is a hazardous waste.

He states this in a letter to the Director General of CEA.

The letterfurther states that the Environmental Act clearly states how the hazardouswaste should be destroyed and the bodies of people who die from theCovid-19 virus are a hazardous waste.  

Further, he urges CEA to informthe government to dispose of the bodies  in a manner that hazardous wasteis disposed of and that they will take legal action against CEA if they violatethe Environmental Act in this process.

The relevant article is below.

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