Nov 12, 2020

No buses to enter or exit WP till Monday

The Sri Lanka Transport Board and the National Transport Commission have announced that all bus services entering and exiting the Western Province have been suspended until midnight on Sunday the 15th of October.

However the SLTB and NTC stated that bus services operating outside the Western Province will continue to function as per usual in adherence to strict health safety guidelines.

The Lanka Private Bus Owners Association says measures are in place for long distance buses to commence journeys from beyond the limits of the Western Province, based on commuter requirements.

Chairman of the LPBOA Gemunu Wijeratne noted however that bus services will continue to operate within the confines of the Western Province.

Wijeratne praised the government’s commendable decision in this regard.

He explained although buses will function within the Western Province, they will refrain from inter district travel beyond Colombo.