Nov 12, 2020

Several areas almost reached community Transmission stage: PHIs Featured

Replying to the statements constantly made by health authorities that there is no community spread in the country, the Public Health Inspectors’ Union said several areas in the country have almost reached the community transmission stage.

Speaking to Secretary M. Balasooriya said random cases were reported from areas like Mattakkuliya, Modara, Bloemendhal, Grandpass and Borella where the positive cases were reported having no connection to the existing clusters.

“Community transmission takes place when cases are reported with no links to the prevailing clusters. Though authorities say such cases have not been reported, we as people on the ground have come across such cases where source remains unknown,” he underlined.

‘Such cases have also been reported from the Kurunegala District as well,” he added. He said in a situation where cases had been reported from all the districts, the people and authorities should be more cautious of the scenario.

When asked whether they have communicated in this regard to relevant authorities, Balasooriya said they had alerted the situation to relevant officials.

He also said the prevailing set up in the country was adequate to address the situation.

However, it should be done with a proper monitoring process.

“Several areas like Bloemendhal, declared as isolated areas are not secure as travel restriction was not properly observed and checked.

Therefore, it is of utmost significance to carefully monitor the situation and see whether everything is on the correct track,” he added.