Nov 11, 2020

Green light to appoint 6 new SC judges Featured

The Parliamentary Council which met yesterday (10) cleared the names of six nominees as Supreme Court Judges and Justice Arjuna Obeyesekere as the Appeal Court President.

This is considered the maiden appointment to the Supreme Court since the 20th Amendment was passed.

Court of Appeal President Justice A.M.D. Nawaz and Justices Kumudini Wickremesinghe, Shiran Gunaratne, Achala Wengappuli, Mahinda Samayawardana and Janak de Silva were President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s nominees to the Supreme Court.

It is said that although Attorney General Dappula de Livera had earlier requested to appoint several senior officials of the Attorney General's Department as new SC judges, the request has not been given a chance.