Nov 07, 2020

3rd wave of Covid-19 pandemic could be worse? Featured

The spokesperson of the Health Ministry, Dr. Jayaruwan Bandara says that scientists researching on the Covid-19 have warned the virus will be more threatening in a third wave than it is in the second wave.

He added that teams of researchers from around the world have cautioned of such situation if a cure for the virus is not discovered during the second wave.

The general public should therefore be mindful of proper hygiene practices, Dr. Jayaruwan Bandara noted.

“We will have to spend at least two more years with the Covid-19 virus,” he said further, adding that the World Health Organization and other scientists who are studying the Covid-19 have warned that a third wave is expected in the first half of next year if a cure is not discovered.

The virus spreading in the second wave is highly infectious and it is not airborne, the health ministry spokesperson commented. “This virus may land on surfaces such as clothes and skin or on shoes when we are outside and we return to our households carrying the virus. This is why we insist on proper hygiene practices. It is better if you can get yourself cleaned before entering your house.”