Oct 31, 2020

Military will take blame for Brandix mistake? Featured

Following the information received from the intelligence services that the cause of the second wave of COVID-19 is the team of Ukrainian technicians who arrived in the country to repair three Antonov aircraft, attention is being directed towards Sri Lanka Army and Airforce as the party responsible for the current situation.

There have been media reports regarding two places where the group of 11 people were allegedly staying.

One of them is the Ramada Hotel in Seeduwa.

Another newspaper reported that the group was staying at the Katunayake Air Force Base.

However, it is reported that the group has now left the country.

One newspaper reveals that the group came from Turkey, while another newspaper claims that they came from Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the General Manager of the Ramada Hotel in Seeduwa, Ashoka Jayamanne has revealed that they were staying at his hotel.

He has also said that five staff in the hotel are diagnosed with COVID-19.

However, Jayamanne says that this situation has arisen due to the government enacting laws in two ways.

According to the Aruna news paper,the Ukrainian crew of 11 people arrived in Sri Lanka on September 11 and they were placed under quarantine at a hotel in Seeduwa.

" When the technicians are being self-quarantined the hotel staff should also undergo the same.

A Ukrainian national who was quarantined along with the technicians has been diagnosed with COVID-19 virus on September 13 and he has been admitted to the Infectious Diseases Hospital (IDH).

Accordingly, the hospital staff and other members of the crew were subjected to PCR tests.

Eighteen out of 60 hotel staff come to work from home everyday. The said 18 have reported for work from home from 11 to 13 September.

Even though hotel staff must also be quarantined for fourteen days, however hotel management has allowed a group of employees to go home in defiance of COVID-19 regulations.

Five of those who visit homes daily were diagnosed with COVID-19, three of whom worked from 11 to 13 September. The hotel chef and laundry officer were also among them.

"Tests carried out on this group have shown that the virus has a higher capacity than the COVID-19 virus reported in the country so far. Infection was around 15 to 18 percent for the virus identified earlier .However, in these people it was around 29 to 31 percent . This is a new development. Among the first patients found from Brandix the virus load was between 29 and 31 percent . Investigations have revealed that the hotel staff contacted Brandix employees and that they were infected with the virus, '' senior officials said.

Brandix COVID-19 came from Visakhapatnam

Meanwhile, senior journalist Kusal Perera wrote an article for Ravaya newspaper which states that the main reason for the Brandix tragedy in Minuwangoda was the violation of the right of employees to organize as a trade union by the Brandix management.

It is said that this is confirmed by the observations of Dr. Sudath Samaraweera, the Chief Epidemiologist of Sri Lanka who conducted an analysis from information regarding these infected persons

"Although the symptoms of the first worker who was diagnosed with the infection were identified on September 28, we found out from the employees' details that there had been respiratory diseases in the factory since September 20," Dr.Samaraweera has told the media.

This means that since September 20, Brandix management has not referred any of the symptomatic workers for PCR testing, and the first infected female worker reported that she had undergone a PCR test on October 3 at the hospital.

It further states:

"The story of the employees here reveals a very inhumane management. Dr. Sudath Samaraweera said that the employees who were suffering from respiratory ailments have been forced to work by giving Panadol pills since September 20 when they were told that they could not work due to illness. When the staff has requested for medical leave they have not been granted leave stating that there is an urgent order.

What is this urgent order? Although it has not been confirmed, according to the available information, the American "Jockey"  innerwear T-shirt order received by the Brandix factory in Visakhapatnam could not be manufactured in India but due to greed it was taken to the factory in Minuwangoda. They were not prepared to give leave to any employee due to illness due to the urgency of having to finish it  somehow. That is why the COVID-19 virus, which could have been controlled by a small number of people, spread to about 1,400 people in the factory. ”

It has now been revealed that the raw material for sewing underwear for the "Jockey" was brought from India and due a strange odor,  employees did not like to sew the clothes.