Feb 22, 2017

Decent Lanka 2015 requests for info. on RTI commission

With the regulations regarding the implementation of the RTI Act being gazetted on Feb. 03, a collective of professionals have requested information on the RTI commission itself.

In a letter to the chairman of the RTI commission, Decent Lanka 2015 states that “for now the Commission is dependent on the Presidential Secretariat…due to non allocation of funds for the functioning of the Commission by the government in its 2017 budget and therefore the Commission receiving Rs.1.8 million from presidential allocations.”

“If therefore receiving funds through presidential allocations becomes a precedent, the RTI Commission will in no way be independent,” the letter adds.

“Under such circumstances, if the Officers and employees including the Director General to the Commission are not appointed in a transparent and independent manner, the office may turn out as one full of political henchmen. If that is to happen, the duties and functions of the Commission spelt out under Section 14 of the Act and the independence of the Commission itself will be wholly eroded,” they further note.

The complete letter is shown below :

Statement on 1

Statement on 2

Statement on 3