Feb 22, 2017

Somaratne goes on wrong track with Sarigama Featured

Dr. Somaratne Dissanayake has sparked controversy after going on a wrong track with his latest film ’Sarigama’.

It has been planned to hold a limited screening of the film at the Moneragala Library Auditorium on Feb. 24. and it is said that the film will be shown using a DVD.

A board exhibited to announce this is shown below :

Sarigama2 670px 17 02 22

According to the State Film Corporation Act (No. 47 of 1971) a film cannot be screened for commercial purposes while it is still being screened in film theatres.

Dr. Dissanayake was embroiled in a similar controversy after attempting to hold three film screenings at the Passara PS auditorium from Feb 20 - 25, 2014. The film was later suspended the then State Film Corporation chairman.

Sources say that the film ’Sarigama’ was initially screened at the HPL cinema theatre in Moneragala. However, the cinema owner had decided to limit the film to a single daily screening due to low audience numbers and to give more priority to the film ‘Aloko Udapadi’.

The move had angered Dr. Dissanayake, who had then arranged to take the film off the HPL cinema theatre altogether and to screen it at the Moneragala Library Auditorium instead, sources add.