Oct 17, 2020

CID to probe 2nd wave source : Omar at fault? Featured

The Deshaya newspaper reports that the security forces have launched a special investigation into whether any person or company has committed a criminal offense causing the COVID-19 second wave in Sri Lanka.

This investigation is being carried out by a top ranking special investigation team on a special decision of the government.

It also states that the government is considering obtaining appropriate compensation from any person or company that has committed a criminal offense, if found guilty during the relevant investigation.

Nearly 1700 infected people have been identified from the COVID-19 cluster in Minuwangoda (Brandix).

Deshaya has further reported that a lot of information has been revealed to the government and the security forces about the reasons and background behind the formation of this COVID-19 cluster.

The first person to be diagnosed with COVID-19 in the second wave was a woman who worked for Brandix in Minuwangoda. Although she was initially diagnosed with COVID-19 virus, health officials have now confirmed that she is not the source of the second wave.

Omar Ashraf, the head of Brandix, a former bank chairman and a former Air Force commander of have been accused of being behind the start of the second wave.

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