Sep 29, 2020

UNP to battle fiercely against 20A

The United National Party says the 20th Amendment to the Constitution, if passed, will direct the country towards a dictatorial rule.

Speaking to media, Deputy Leader of the UNP Ruwan Wijewardena said through the 20th Amendment, the incumbent government is threatening the independence of state bodies and the future of the country.

He stressed that the government is attempting to silence the independent commissions and prune the powers of the Auditor General.

Former State Minister Wijewardena noted through the 19th Constitutional Amendment, the previous administration increased the powers of Parliament, strengthened state bodies and also ensured a democratic rule.

He noted that the present administration however has taken measures to destroy all democratic victories achieved by the masses during the past five years.

The UNP Deputy Leader stressed that the party will fight to safeguard the independence of state institutions and ensure a democratic rule.

Former State Minister Ruwan Wijewardena added that the UNP is being restructured at present and noted that he is confident that the party will gain victories at upcoming elections.