Sep 19, 2020

No approval from Switzerland to send Nishantha Featured

Although an agreement has been signed between Switzerland and Sri Lanka to deport criminals, it is reported that the Swiss Attorney General has not given approval to send former CID Inspector Nishantha de Silva to Sri Lanka.

The Swiss government's decision to grant political asylum to Nishantha de Silva has led to legal hurdles for his deportation to Sri Lanka.

It is said that the Swiss government has taken steps to provide a monthly stipend of 1,000 francs and other privileges to Nishantha de Silva and his family who are living in a house for Swiss political asylum seekers in Zurich.

Reports say that a group of HRC officials have obtained evidence from Nishantha de Silva, who was the head of the CID's mass robbery unit.

In addition to Nishantha Silva, 670 Sri Lankans have sought political asylum in Switzerland in the past two years.

(Source - Divaina)