Aug 21, 2020

Complaints filed alleging 'Angoda Lokka' seized land Featured

The Western Province Southern Crimes Division says that it has received three complaints from land owners alleging that Lasantha Chaminda Perera alias 'Angoda Lokka' had forcibly seized their lands.

Last month, reports emerged that 'Angoda Lokka' had died in India.

The complaints were made by residents of the Mulleriyawa police division, police said.

Police say that one complaint states that a land of more than 100 perches had been forcibly registered without any payment. Another complaint states a land worth Rs. 300,000 per perch had been taken away from them for Rs. 200,000 per perch. The third complaint states that a land worth Rs. 40 million was taken away from them for a mere Rs. 8.5 million.

In addition, preliminary investigations have revealed that a property land with a house worth around Rs. 15 million has been forcibly registered for Rs. 09 million, reports say.