Aug 19, 2020

Patali Champika granted anticipatory bail

Parliamentarian Patali Champika Ranawaka has been granted anticipatory bail by the Colombo High Court in relation to case being heard over the 2016 accident in Rajagiriya.

Ranawaka appeared before Court today after filing a motion before the Colombo High Court judge Gihan Kulathunga.

The case filed by the Attorney General over the 2016 accident was due to be taken up for consideration tomorrow.

However, owing to the inaugural sitting of the ninth Parliament scheduled for tomorrow, MP Ranawaka filed a motion and appeared before Court today.

NewsRadio Court correspondent said the High Court judge granted MP Patali Champika, the first defendant in the case, anticipatory bail and ordered the case to be taken up for consideration once again on the 28th of August.

Other defendants in the case former Officer-in-Charge of the Welikada Police Station Assistant Superintendent of Police Sudath Asmadala and a former driver of MP Ranawaka were ordered to attend tomorrow’s Court proceedings as scheduled.