Aug 14, 2020

Suspicion falls on girlfriend’s husband for SF Lokka’s murder

The Police have launched an investigation into several suspicious transactions involving Rs. 8 million from the bank account of the girlfriend of the Iron Ranasinghe alias SF Lokka, the organized crime gang leader who was shot dead at Dahaiyagama Junction in Anuradhapura on August 05.

Police have received information that the SF Lokka had been involved in drug trafficking and that his girlfriend had been managing his finances.

Police investigations have revealed that the SF Lokka had taken great pains to buy a bar in Sippikulam, Anuradhapura and that the bar was managed by SF Lokka' girlfriend's husband.

Investigations have revealed that SF Lokka had developed a friendship with a man named Chuti, and persuaded him to join the drug trade and later got him arrested with the drugs. SF Lokka had developed an affair with his wife and after he was imprisoned over a drug related offense.

According to police sources, Chuti has been released on bail and has been hiding from SF Lokka for some time.

North Central Province Senior DIG Nandana Munasinghe said an investigation is being carried out to find whether there is any connection between the murder of SF Lokka and these incidents.

Investigations have revealed that on the day SF Lokka was shot, the shooters had been roaming on a motorbike in the area where he lived.

Investigators have also received information that the shooters were guarding in front of the fitness center where SF Lokka had gone to exercise that day.

It has been revealed that SF Lokka’s car had been chased by the shooters from the time he left the fitness center.

Senior DIG Nandana Munasinghe said that SF Lokka had also been involved in a dispute with several other dealers in the Kimbula Ela area in Modara, Colombo over the sale of narcotics and investigations are underway as to whether the dispute was the reason for his murder.