Aug 09, 2020

What led to 6% votes being rejected?

Election watchdog, the Centre for Monitoring Election Violence says it is concerning that more than 6% of the votes have been rejected at the 2020 Parliamentary Election.

Of the 12,343,302 votes cast at the election, 744,373 votes or 6.03% were deemed invalid.

National Coordinator of the CMEV Manjula Gajanayake said votes of more than 700,000 Sri Lankans were not considered at the election to elect members to the Ninth Parliament.

Speaking to NewsRadio, he said for the first time in history such a large number of votes were rejected at an election.

Gajanayake was of the view that the high number of rejected ballots could be due to the lack of knowledge of voters about the electoral system or voters were displeased with the candidates presented at the election.

He also emphasised that a higher number of postal votes were also rejected.

The National Coordinator of the CMEV said the matter should be considered and addressed before the conduct of a future election.

Manjula Gajanayake said it is concerning that ballots of a large number of Sri Lankans are not being considered during national elections.